💊Introduction to Red Pill

The Red Pill Points Program is Matrix One's point mechanism encouraging community participation and support to earn points, called Neos, for completing various tasks. This program is integral to fostering a robust community around AI character creation, leading up to significant events such as the upcoming $MATRIX token airdrop.

⚠️Registration and Eligibility⚠️

  • Users must register their Solana wallet address on the Matrix One early access campaign page to qualify for point multipliers and participate in the leaderboard. Visit: https://www.matrix.one/early-access

  • Only actions that are not reversed or deleted post-completion are eligible for points and subsequent rewards.

⏳Program Timeline

Start Date: April 29th, 2024

Duration: The program will run through May 2024, culminating in the $MATRIX token launch. 🔍Further details regarding upcoming seasons and additional ways to earn Neos will be disclosed as the current season progresses. Matrix One is committed to ongoing enhancement of the user experience and expansion of its decentralized platform.

🎯Red Pill Objectives

  • Engagement and Growth: Stimulate active participation and growth of the Matrix One ecosystem.

  • Reward Contributions: Reward users contributing to the ecosystem through various predefined tasks.

  • Token Distribution: Distribute up to 400 million $MATRIX tokens —representing 4% of the total supply — to the community.

⚒️How Red Pill Works

Users can earn Neos through several pathways:

  1. Early Access Quests:

  • Actions such as following Matrix One on social media and referring new users.

  • Referrals yield 10% of the earned Neos of the referred individual.

  1. Avatar.One Engagement:

  • Engage with the Avatar.One app to earn Sparks daily, convertible to Neos.

  • Create and interact with 3D AI characters to boost Neos accumulation.

  1. Discord Activities:

  • Participate in community-driven activities within the Matrix One Discord server to earn additional Neos.

🏃💨Boosters and Multipliers

To maximize earning potential, Red Pill incorporates several multipliers:

🚀2x Points Multipliers – Core Solana communities

  • Galactic Geckos

  • Mad Lads


  • DeGods & Y00ts

  • Ovols

  • Tensorians

🚀3x Points Multiplier – 3D and gaming collections on Solana

  • OkayBears

  • Degen Ape Academy

  • Claynosaurz

  • Aurory

  • The Heist

  • gmID


🚀4x Points Multiplier – Because the hat stays on

  • $WIF holders (must hold a minimum of 250 WIF in your registered wallet)

**To qualify, holders must register their Solana wallet address on our early access campaign page HERE or we will not be able to provide the multiplier boost to your points.

Matrix One believes in an equitable and fair environment for all participants and reserves the right to exclude any accounts identified as involved in Sybil attacks or botted point farming activity for this program. We are committed to maintaining transparency and fostering an inclusive community where every contribution is valued.

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