3D Avatar Visualizer

The 3D Avatar Visualizer brings your character to life for an engaging and interactive end-user experience. Choose from HD video streaming, fully rigged 3D humanoid model or Live2D. Enable your users to fully customize their character’s avatar. Import your custom textures and styles to create completely original looks and feel, and make available unique characters designed by character creators through the character marketplace. We're working on SDKs for Web, Unreal Engine 5 and Unity.

The 3D Avatar Visualizer suite consists of the following features:

Real-time Video Streaming

  • Unreal 5 powered-live streaming. Think Facetime on Vision Pro with your AI character.

3D Avatar Customisation

  • Enable customisation of characters' clothing and appearance.

  • Import custom fully rigged 3D avatars.

3D Scenes

  • Craft immersive scenes as environments for avatars, enhancing digital presence.

  • Text to AI-generated skyboxes and assets.

File Interoperability

  • Enable the end user to download character avatars. Ensure compatibility with 3D avatar formats including VRM, GLB, and FBX.

AR Ready

  • Ready for augmented reality with AR Kit 6 for advanced avatar interactions.

VR Ready

  • Ready to support virtual reality applications optimized for Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest.

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