The Matrix One protocol consists of a modular suite of tools, SDKs and APIs to enable developers to create interactive 3D AI companions out of the box. The protocol currently encompasses four larger groups of modules designed to streamline the creation, distribution, and utilization of AI characters. These include:

  1. Character Studio: A toolkit for crafting characters with unique, human-like traits, offering features like long-term memory management, personality and backstory development, chat history, AI-generated voice customization, emotion and emote integration and more.

  2. 3D Avatar Visualizer: A suite for building and customizing interactive 3D avatars and scenes for developers & their end-users. Includes support for avatar customization, file interoperability, AR / VR readiness, and a no-code easy-to-use interface.

  3. Model Index: An extensive catalogue with thousands of LLMs available for app developers and their end-users to further tailor their characters. We partner with the most efficient compute providers to connect you with the best deals on compute.

  4. Character Marketplace: A digital marketplace for trading characters and character elements as NFTs, including scenes, emotes, voices, and clothing, facilitating the exchange of creative assets within the community.

These components together form a comprehensive ecosystem for AI character development, offering creators a wide range of tools and features for enhancing their creations.

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