What is Matrix One?

Matrix One establishes intelligent and scalable infrastructure and a networked economy to support the development and application of human-like AI characters.

Enabling Developers to Easily Create Human-Like AI Characters

Matrix One is a protocol for developers and creators, offering an advanced interface for crafting interactive 3D characters with multimodal perception capabilities that seamlessly integrate into both virtual and real-world settings. The protocol offers tools to empower creators, game designers, and developers to dynamically tailor their backstory, personality, and knowledge base of their characters either through an accessible studio interface or programmatically via its comprehensive API. Matrix One is designed to redefine the way interactive characters are created, providing an unmatched level of customization and flexibility in character development.

An Equitable Economy

Matrix One functions as a collaborative platform where the protocol contributors enabling innovation; character creators, app users, app developers and compute providers share in the benefits of participation based on their contributions. Central to this economy is the $MATRIX token, which functions as the circulating currency, a reward for ecosystem contributions, and a means for governance.

AI Character Creation Infrastructure

The foundation of Matrix One is its sophisticated suite of tools that allows for easy deployment of application infrastructure including SDKs and APIs, simplifying the process of setting up AI character systems. It provides a comprehensive character catalogue enriched with detailed backgrounds, memory constructs, and intuitive interfaces enabling application end-users to generate and customise 3D avatars and their immersive environments. Through the support of our key partners, Matrix One offers a huge selection of LLMs and LoRAs, resources for their effective fine-tuning, and integration into characters, as well as a wide range of neural AI-generated voices.

Key to Matrix Oneโ€™s innovation is its approach to memory and learning. By employing retrieval augmented generation (RAG), AI characters can tap into external databases for information, thereby enhancing their learning scope and interaction quality. The platform's 3D avatar creation tool allows for the development of visually intricate and cognitively complex characters capable of continuous learning and personalization.

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