Character Studio

The Character Studio enables creators to craft and modify characters easily with unique human-like details. The following features are available to character creators:

Long-Term Memory

  • Characters are self-aware that they have a "fixed context window", and can autonomously manage their own memories to overcome this problem by managing their memories through scalable larger data storage.

  • Option to enable users to manually tag messages to add to memory or add manual memories to their character versions.

Chat History

  • Prepopulate chat history to help shape the reinforce the characters preferences and dialogue style.

  • Tailor the way your character conveys information, from its level of formality to its conversational quirks.

  • Enable users to provide feedback on responses to improve the characters communication style.

  • Enable users to delete their chat history.

Backstory & Personality

  • Define the character's name, age, scenario, setting, history and personality.

  • Define the subjects and activities that captivate your AI character, shaping its conversations and interactions.

First message

  • Craft the initial greeting or message your AI character will use to set the stage for conversation.


  • Set the parameters for how your AI character relates to users, from stranger to trusted confidant.

AI Voice Generator

  • Customize your character's vocal identity with a unique AI-generated voice that fits its personality.

TTS (Text-to-Speech):

  • Convert written text into natural-sounding audio, allowing your character to speak its dialogue aloud.

Voice Recognition

  • Enable your character to understand and respond to voice commands or spoken input from users.


  • Enable your character to understand and communicate in dozens of languages.

Narrated Actions

  • Allow your character to describe its actions or surroundings, adding depth to interactive experiences.


  • Enable users to regenerate characters' responses.

Emotions & Emotes

  • Define a range of emotional responses into your character, enhancing its ability to connect with users. Each emotion includes an animation and facial expressions for the characters rigged 3D avatar.

Emotion Recognition

  • Give your character the capacity to detect and react to the emotional cues in user interactions.

Continuous Learning

  • Allow your character to evolve by learning from interactions, ensuring it grows more sophisticated over time.


  • Mint characters as ERC721 or ERC1155s to ensure provenance of your characters creations. Limited edition characters can be traded and sold on NFT marketplaces.

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